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February 18, 2016 -- Bonang Mohale, the head of Shell Oil in South Africa, chastised the country's leader for projecting their failures on white "colonisers."

 Mohale referred to the Rising Africa narrative as "hype."


“Africa’s problems have nothing to do with our resources,” he said.  “We can trace it down to a lack of management, planning, leading, coordinating and organising.”

Mohale said poor management has resulted in African leaders failing to take advantage of a continent endowed with some of the best resources in the world.

The Africa Rising narrative is only a mirage because of the choices Africa has made.  “We can’t blame God,” he said. “We only have ourselves to blame.

“The reality is that in the days we have been free, we have seen some exponential improvements as well as draconian repression,” he said.  “Africans in most countries out of the 54 are poorer today than they were when we were not free.”

Challenged by an audience member for being an Afro-pessimistic, Mohale replied: "If we are not self-critical, then other people will do it for us. If we say it ourselves, we hold ourselves accountable. Let me continue on the pessimistic front." 

However, Mohale said he is working with the South African government to solve some of these problems.

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  1. There has always be some smart Africans. Some Africans are smarter than some white people. Such Africans though were killed by other Africans in the past. Only during white colonization, were those Africans in schools and sent to universities. Nowadays most emigrate to our white countries. But if the white men is destroyed, future Africans like him will be again killed because they are special and don't match their environment/race that demands speed and muscles to survive.

  2. I hope he has a lot of security and bodyguards.