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February 29, 2016 -- Nearly 15 years after Muslims flew airliners into the World Trade Center, Americans are flocking to a YouTube channel that teaches how to style hijabs. 

Hijabs, for those who don't know, are the Klan hoods worn by female Muslims. 

While pseudo-feminists continue their litany of hate for the 1950s American housewife for subservient and objectified, the have little criticism for Islam that literally perceives women as property. 

Here is this week's radio show: 


From Mail Online: 

A fashion blogger has won an army of online fans with her videos showing the hundreds of different ways to wear a hijab.

Since setting up her social media pages in 2011, Saman Munir, 35, from Toronto, Canada, now has more than half a million followers across her accounts – all watching her tie her headscarf.

Yet despite her growing army of fans, the mother-of-three has also received some hateful abuse from people who say she will 'burn in hell' for not wearing the item of clothing correctly.

She said: 'I've always loved fashion, and you can inspire so many people through social media.

'My message is that you can be covered and still look beautiful.

'When Dolce and Gabbana launched their hijab range recently I was so happy and impressed.

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