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February 17, 2016 -- Social media abuse will not be tolerated. 

So much for tolerance. 

At issue is a Scottish patriot who exercised his inalienable right as a human to express his opinion on Facebook. 

The suspect expressed his opposition to the displacement of Western culture. Specifically he addressed twelve Syrian "refugees" colonized compliments of government goons on the Isle of Bute. 

The globalist objective is to infiltrate every white community — down to the postal code — to assure the demise of Western civilization. 

Prior to launching the cultural displacement throughout Western Europe, governments imposed abusive "hate speech" laws to muzzle an descent by force of law. 

The Scottish patriot is the latest of many to be abused by such laws. 

From we read: 

Police Scotland have said the arrest of a man responsible for a series of offensive Facebook posts about Syrian refugees resettled on the Isle of Bute should send a clear message that such social media abuse will not be tolerated.

Following a report of a series of alleged offensive online posts relating to Syrian refugees living in Rothesay on Bute, Police Scotland confirmed on Tuesday that a 40-year-old man, understood to be from the Inverclyde area, had been arrested under the Communications Act.

Twelve Syrian families arrived in the seaside town in early December, as Scotland welcomed one third of the thousand refugees David Cameron agreed to take from camps bordering Syria before the end of last year.

Syrian refugees in Scotland: cold weather but warm welcome

In our opinion Insp Ewan Wilson is a traitor to his nation, his culture and his people and should be treated as such. 

The regressive left pretends to advocate tolerance and human rights, yet it demonstrates intolerance and an abuse of a fundamental human right of free expression by utilizing bogus 'hate speech' laws to silence reason. 

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