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February 17, 2016 -- A mother in South Africa is grieving the deaths of her children. 

Thembi Letsoalo left her children with her nephews, thinking they were in good hands. 

"They were supposed to protect and not kill the innocent," she said according to News24. 

Letsoalo's three children and her 6-month-old grandchild were bludgeoned, allegedly by her nephews in Katlehong, on the East Rand, in December.

The two murder accused allegedly stabbed the children all over their bodies before putting three of them in a bathtub filled with boiling water.

One of Letsoalo's children, however, survived the stabbing and managed to fight their two attackers off before calling the neighbours for help.

Asked how she felt when seeing the two accused in the dock, Letsoalo said she could not believe that those were the very same hands that had allegedly taken the lives of her children and grandchild.

The Letsoalo family told News24 they have had no answers to why the accused allegedly killed their cousins. —
South Africa has the highest murder rate of any country with a population greater than 35 million according to UNODC data.

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