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February 19, 2016 -- John Davis murdered Barbara Martz in 1985. That was over 30 years ago. 

This week the 48-year-old killer was sentenced to life in prison. 

The case remained unsolved for 17 years. It took another 13 years for the case to work its way through the judicial system. 

Martz was raped then murdered at her home in Potrero Hill home near San Fancisco. Davis was also convicted of burglarizing the home. 

The victim was 28 years old when Davis slashed her to death. 

Meanwhile, in government schools, our children are being taught that black Americans are victims of white oppression. In reality white Americans have suffered generations of unwarranted and unprovoked savage crime at the hands of black Americans. 
From we read:

A San Francisco Superior Court judge has brought to a close, at least for now, a murder case that remained a mystery for 17 years and has taken 13 more to make its way through the courts.

Judge Jeffrey Ross on Tuesday sentenced John Davis, 48, to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the Dec. 4, 1985, murder of Barbara Martz in her Potrero Hill home. The sentence was not a surprise: It’s the mandatory penalty required after Davis’ conviction last month of first-degree murder with two special circumstances — burglary and rape.

Martz, who was 28 when she was stabbed and slashed to death, was an art and commercial photographer who shared a studio on Sixth Street with two partners. Earlier in 1985, she had traveled to Nepal and documented a trek there she planned to make the subject of a documentary film.

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