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February 2, 2016 -- Desperate asylum seekers driving expensive cars are being routed to Finland. The operation was kept quiet by the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service (FSB). The FSB is accused of orchestrating the transfer.

A recent disclosure by a Russian security guard reportedly provided the Finnish government with a smoking gun.

News reports say authorities in Finland suspected the Russian government was intentionally routing "refugees" to their country, but had no evidence until now. The reports say the operation was tightly controlled with asylum seekers with children given priority. 

Finnish news agency STT reports a Russian border guard's confession that the transport of asylum seekers to Finland’s two northeast border crossings is being orchestrated by the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service, the FSB. Families with children are given priority, the source said. Finnish authorities have suspected for some time that the transfer of asylum seekers from Russia to Finland has been part of a carefully organised operation.

The Tampere-based newspaper Aamulehti reported on Saturday that a Russian border guard told the Finnish news agency STT that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) has arranged asylum seeker access to the Finnish border. The FSB organises the traffic in concert with the Kandalaksha district administration of Russia's Murmansk region and the Russian Border Guard.

The board guard source says the FSB decides which car moves at what time and how it can proceed to the border. The state-sponsored organisation gives priority to families with small children, the source reveals.

An STT photographer who visited the Russian side of the Salla border crossing told the Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat that he had seen asylum seekers waiting in their cars in the Russian city of Alakurtti, located about 70 kilometres from the border. The photographer said there were dozens of cars with asylum seekers waiting there, cut off by a boom that allowed other cars to pass.

The Finnish commercial television station MTV says the photographer later picked up a Border Guard employee whose car had stalled in the cold. During their journey together, the Russian guard told the Finn about the Russian asylum seeker operation.

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  1. all the silly americans think putin is a hero haha he works for the same people the FRAUD in the whitehouse does.

  2. Russians don't have much in the way of "gibs me dats" and the rapefugees will find themselves hung up by their balls should they try their shenanigans in the Rodina. So naturally they don't want to stay in Russia.

    BTW, Anonymous above is a moron. Putin is (perhaps with the exception of Donald Trump) the last hope of White Western civilization.