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February 25, 2016 -- The contribution of the white "colonists" to sub-Saharan Africans was the knack of white people to feed black people. When Zimbabwe was suffering under the yoke of white colonialism, the nation produced a surplus food supply. Now freed from oppressive colonialism about one-fourth of the nation's black population are facing famine. 

What's more the oppressive white colonists provided black residents in Rhodesia with education, healthcare, and Western innovations previously unknown to a region where the wheel had not been invented, animal domestication was unknown, and two-story structures were unheard of. 

Dictator Robert Mugabe displaced most of the country's white farmers under the pretense that the land was stolen from black aboriginals. Black farmers were then given the land once owned by whites. The expectation was that black farmers would continue to produce food at the same rate as the previous white farmers. 

Not taken into account is the fact that white farmers, on an average, have IQs ranging around 100. The black farmers posses average IQs ranging in the low 70s. Noting that an IQ of 70 is the threshold for mental retardation, it is safe to say that Zimbabwe's food shortage is an expression of aptitude, or, more correctly, an abscence of aptitude: Black farmers can't farm for the same reason I can't play NBA basketball. They don't have the required skill sets. 

From we read: 

About 4 000 white farmers lost their homes, land, and even personal possessions - without compensation - during 15 years of sometimes violent invasions, and the economy, so dependent on commercial agriculture, crashed after agricultural exports dried up.

“Now that we are almost done with redistribution, the focus now will now be on those we have given the land to, to see if they are using it in the right way, otherwise they risk losing it,” Douglas Mombeshora said.

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