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February 23, 2016 -- Here's another black life that doesn't seem to matter to black lives matter. 

A South African teenager was beheaded in 2013 so the killer could sell his body parts. 

Aljar Swartz admitting to murdering the Lee Adams (photo) at Florida Primary School in Ravensmead, South Africa. 

Swartz says he strangled the teen and stabbed him before lopping off his head. 

The confession was heard Monday by a court in Western Cape Town.

• In 1994 South Africa was compelled to end its era of apartheid in exchange for a one-party "democracy." While the far left applauded the change, the nation has regressed toward its norm which is an average IQ of 77. 

"Thereafter I decapitated him," he stated in the document handed in at court.

"Although I consumed alcohol and dagga during the day of October 17, 2013, I could still appreciate the wrongfulness of my conduct. I was a follower of Satan at the time."

He admitted that he inflicted the gruesome injuries noted in the post mortem report.

A pathologist had concluded that Adams died due to sharp force trauma to the neck. Stab wounds, bruises, and abrasions were found on his face and neck.

A security guard found the boy’s body at the school. The head was later found in a shallow grave in the accused’s yard.

Adams’ family members listened to proceedings from the benches in the public gallery, behind Swartz.

The accused, dressed in a tracksuit, seemed relaxed in the dock. He acknowledged that he intentionally incited, instigated, persuaded and encouraged four men to lure a victim to Ravensmead to be killed for body parts.

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