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February 12, 2016 -- Idiot liberals couldn't care less about the well-being of native British school children. 

That is made obvious through the far-left's agenda of destroying Westren culture by overwhelming it with non-Western Muslims who have no interest in assimilating. 

British schools are feeling the pinch as enrollments soar. The number of teachers is lagging behind.

Globalists believe that by redistributing intelligence (Muslim nations typically have average IQs under 85) it can redistribute global wealth, or at least create a parity. 

Schools are suffering from a teacher shortage driven by rising pupil numbers fuelled by immigration, figures suggest.

A report by the Government's spending watchdog found that while the number of teachers in the system has increased over the past ten years, pupil numbers are also growing.

The National Audit Office said that recruitment of teachers would have to increase over the next few years to keep up.

Local councils have repeatedly complained that they are struggling to accommodate a bulge in primary school numbers caused by a baby boom following high immigration.

The swelling of primary school numbers is set to transfer onto secondaries and council leaders have warned of an urgent need to expand schools.

The NAO report said while secondary school teacher numbers had remained stable since 2005, the number of primary teachers has increased by 19,000, 'reflecting changing pupil numbers'.

It warned that a similar increase was needed in secondary schools soon, but that teacher recruitment is now more difficult because of the improving economy.

The report said: 'Between 2011 and 2014, the number of pupils increased by 7 per cent in primary schools and fell by 3 per cent in secondary schools.'

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