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February 13, 2016 -- Psychosis is the denial of reality. 

That was made evident when a woman in Germany decided imagined racism is worse than real rape. 

The 24-year-old woman in Germany was recently raped by Islamic insurgents. The woman who was identified as Selin G wrote a letter thanking the rapists.

She is a national spokesperson for "Left Youth Solid" in Germany.

She is delusional. 

Selin G filed a complaint with police, but later apologized to the "refugees" because her complaint could result in racism. 

The crime occurred Jan. 27, 2016 in a park in Mannheim. A letter of apology was posted on Selin G's Facebook page Jan. 30. 

Below is a rough translation from German of her message to her rapists: 

I'm so incredibly sorry! Almost a year ago I saw the hell you fled from

I was not directly in the fire, but I have visited the people in the refugee camps in South Kurdistan. I've seen old grandmothers who have to worry about too many parentless children. 

I have seen the eyes of these children, some have not lost their lights. But I have also seen the children whose eyes were empty and traumatizing. I have seen about 20 Ezidischen children have in their math classes were shown Arabic characters and still remember how a little girl started to cry, just because a chair fell over. 

I have seen a hint of the hell from which you fled.

I did not see what before your grueling flight.

I am glad and happy that you made it here, that you could leave the IS and its war behind you, and were not drowned in the Mediterranean.


I wanted an open, friendly Europe, a friendly. One, in which I can enjoy living and one in which we are both safe. 

I'm so sorry.

For both of us I'm so incredibly sorry. You, you're not sure, because we live in a racist society.

I, I'm not sure, because we live in a sexist society.

But what I'm really sorry about is the fact that the sexist and cross-border actions that were done to me only contribute to the fact that you always increasing and exposed to aggressive racism.

I promise you, I'll scream. I will not allow it to happen again. I will not stand idly by and let it happen, that racists citizens identify you as the problem.

You are not the problem. You are not a problem.
You are usually a wonderful person who deserves it as much as anyone to be safe and free.

Thank you - and nice that you're here.

Probably due to public pressure, the 24-year-old has since deleted the post, but there are screenshots of her apology to the rapists that are still circulating in various Internet forums.

See the original text in German here ►

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  1. The rapee apparently regards the Muslim immigrant rapists as her allies in the war against western civilization.