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February 20, 2016 -- Cops who work as security at Beyonce concerts may find themselves on the outs with fellow police officers. 

Unions are calling for a boycott of the singer after her racist half-time show during this year's Superbowl. 

Tampa and Miami are urging officers not to volunteer to work security at pop star Beyonce's upcoming concerts in those cities, because of what they say was an anti-police message when she performed at the Super Bowl.

Beyonce sparked controversy with a televised performance that referenced the issue of police killings of black men and made a perceived homage to the Black Panther Party, which was formed in 1966 and whose platform included a call to end police brutality. Some of its members were convicted of murdering police officers.

Danny Hale, president of the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police, or FOP, said Beyonce has every right to support the Black Lives Matter movement that has sprung up to protest police shootings of black men, but said she went too far with the Super Bowl performance.

"If you throw up the Black Panther Party as some sort of positive message, that is an anti-policing message. The Black Panther Party has always been anti-policing," Hale told Reuters in a telephone interview.

The halftime show at the Super Bowl, the National Football League championship, is traditionally one of the most watched television events of the year in the United States. This near nearly 112 million people watched the game.

Beyonce performed her new single "Formation," a power anthem to race and feminism. Her video for the song depicts graffiti that reads "stop shooting us," suggestive of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the live performance her female dancers wore black berets, seen as a Black Panther reference.

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  1. Let her hire the black pussys to do security that should be more entertaining than her show!