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February 16, 2016 -- PEGIDA deputy Tatjana Festerling is calling for Europeans to defend themselves against Islam's sexual jihad. 

In what the media referred to as a "vicious attack on Muslim migrants, Festerling said, "Germany is like an open-air psychiatric ward with the mental illness of political correctness."

Actually, I've said much the same; referring the West's denial of reality as psychosis. 

'The mainstream Marxist media demonizes and stereotypes patriots by using hate terms such as "far right" and falsely accuse patriots of whipping up racist hatred. 

Her comments, in a video for MailOnline, will cause concern that a resurgent far-Right is exploiting migration to whip up racist hatred.
'We don’t have time for decency any more. If we don’t grab our pitchforks and fight the Islamisation of Europe, we are lost.' —

The inevitability of the media to stigmatize white people as racist is observed in Kenn's Law #13

Whenever a white person defends him/herself against ... violence, the white person will be identified as the racist aggressor and the ... attacker the victim.

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  1. tatjana simply told the truth, that offends the MSM worldwide and the MSM offends people white worldwide.

    1. Take comfort in the fact that the international MSM is becoming more irrelevant and abstract with each passing day. Google their ratings trends for a smile every now and then.