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February 2, 2016 -- calls it the "anti-refugee settlement movement."

We call it "patriots protecting their families, nation, and culture."

The participants numbered at least 100, if one believes the mainstream Marxist media. They gathered at the Missoula County Courthouse in Missouri to express their outage at the state's plan to welcome Islamic insurgents into their community. 

The patriots were condemned by traitors as lacking compassion for those fleeing violence. 

In fact, those "fleeing" are members of Islam, the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group. 

Since 9-11/2001 there have been 27,734 documented terrorist attacks committed by Muslims. 

• We wonder why the government and its far-left supporters embrace the world's deadliest hate group while condemning other groups such as the Klan and neo-Nazis. Why does the regressive left extend compassion to the deadliest hate group on earth while rejecting others?

A small opposing group was given most of the attention by 

A group called Soft Landing was apparently behind the traitors' counter demonstration. We wonder if Soft Landing considered the fate of the 9-11 terror attack victims a "soft landing." 

2,753 died at the site when two airliners were slammed into the sides of the World Trade Center. 

In spite of its obvious bias, discerning readers see the truth between the lines. 

• For example, seemed to delight in the presence of an opposing demonstration, but failed to note how many attended. Apparently there were very few. An Indian speaking to the troop of traitors was easily "shouted down," the report claimed, likely meaning the traitor was exposed to be irrational. quoted an organizer for the opposition as she noted the patriots were from out of town, as if that were a significant factor. The Indian who addressed the traitors was a member of the Assiniboine and Blackfeet tribe, the report said, meaning he likely lived on a reservation and, like the patriots, was from "out of town." noted a significant number of the traitors were Indians. That suggests the traitors were unable to rally support and likely paid the Indians to show up. Nearly all were "out of town."

“Right now, we’re locked in a battle to protect our security, to protect our country,” said organizer Jim Buterbaugh of Whitehall. “We are fighting the system, trying to head this thing off at the pass.”

Dubbed the “American Security Rally,” Buterbaugh expressed amazement at the turnout.

“I’ve had rallies several other times, and I didn’t have anybody show up but my family and a few other people,” he said.

This one struck a chord when Buterbaugh put up a “Call to Action” Facebook site 10 days ago. Within four days, he said, it had generated some 1,500 invitations.

“I figured I’m going to actually have to do something here,” he said.

Buterbaugh said he was looking at “all this crap going on” about Soft Landing Missoula organizing to help refugees from the Syrian crisis relocate to Missoula. That organization formed last September in the wake of reports of atrocities in the Middle East nation, and after a photo of the body of a 3-year-old child who washed ashore off Turkey underscored Europe’s refugee crisis.

He was spurred, too, by a letter dated Jan. 13 from Missoula County commissioners to the U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. It was in support of Soft Landing’s quest to help resettling “approximately 100 refugees per year” through the International Rescue Committee’s Reception and Placement program.

Monday’s rally, scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., ended in the cold shortly after 11:30 a.m. At least a dozen people used a sidewalk cornerstone to argue against such a move, as co-organizers constantly asked supporters to keep the middle of the sidewalk clear.

Buterbaugh said speakers would have to speak loudly to make themselves heard as they were told they couldn’t use a sound system he brought for fear it would interfere with proceedings inside the courthouse.

Soft Landing said in advance it wouldn’t hold a counter-rally, but along with the Montana Human Right Network issued statements before it began.

"We're saddened to see a group that's not from our community come in to tell us we shouldn't help people fleeing from violence," said co-founder Mary Poole. "Compassion is a Missoula value, Missoula successfully took in refugees for decades, and we know that once again our community will overcome the politics of fear in order to provide safe haven for war-town families."

Other opponents did show, standing away from the crowd on West Broadway during the rally. Several were American Indians of various tribes, including Dustin Monroe, a member of the Assiniboine and Blackfeet tribe who was invited to speak near the end of the morning. He was quickly challenged and shouted down. 
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