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February 19, 2016 -- A group of German patriots blocked a bus as it neared a "refugee" center in east Germany.

Treasonous politicians condemned the patriots as "shameful."

The confrontation took place in Rechenberg-Bienenm├╝hle Thursday evening. 

From the Guardian: 

One of the protesters threatened the group inside the bus with a cut-throat gesture, a witness told Freie Presse newspaper. “It’s a disgrace, this hatred people feel towards people they know nothing about,” an anonymous witness said. Saxony police spokesman Rafael Scholz said police are investigating verbal threats of violence but that there were no arrests.

The coach passengers visible in the video, which include women, a boy and an elderly man, were eventually able to move into their accommodation at about 10pm. Another video of the scene shows police manhandling one of the children inside the bus to drag him from the coach into the building.

The group are the first asylum seekers to be allocated to Clausnitz, a town of about 800 residents.

Germany has seen an increase in attacks on refugee camps last year. A total of 924 criminal acts directed at asylum seekers’ centres were recorded by the federal crime office in 2015, up from 199 in 2014.

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