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February 6, 2016

Judy Smith Photography (left image) -- While the regressive left busies itself scrubbing our culture of its historical heritage — a component of genocide as described by Raphael Lemkin in 1944 — we counter the effort by emphasizing our heritage. 

John B. Gordon (1832-1904) was born on this day in 1832. 

According to

One of Georgia's John B. Gordon rose to prominence during the Civil War, entering as a captain and emerging as a major general. He later served as a U.S. senator and as the governor of Georgia. 

John B. Gordon most renowned political and military figures of the nineteenth century, John Brown Gordon was born on a plantation situated along the banks of the Flint River in Upson County on February 6, 1832. 

As a child he moved with his family to Walker County, in the northwestern corner of the state, where his father operated a coal mine. Gordon attended the University of Georgia, achieving senior status in only two years (1851-52). 

He held the highest grade point average of his class but inexplicably dropped out before graduation. Moving to Atlanta in 1854, Gordon married and read law but attracted few clients, forcing him to return to his father's mine, which he was managing when the Civil War (1861-65) erupted.

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