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February 7, 2016 -- Paul Diaz, former University of Louisville's Board of Trustees, has resigned. 

His beef?

Diaz protested "Gov. Matt Bevin's assertion that Hispanic board members should not be counted as racial minorities," according to

He was the only Hispanic on the board. 

There is a quandary: On one hand the regressive left insists non-white races be given privileged status. On the other had the regressive left insists race doesn't exist. It's merely a social construct. 

Have your cake. Eat it too!

Amid a legal battle over the racial makeup of the University of Louisville's Board of Trustees, the board's only Hispanic member has resigned while adamantly challenging Gov. Matt Bevin's assertion that Hispanic board members should not be counted as racial minorities.

In a letter to the governor dated Feb. 3, the board member, Paul Diaz, wrote, "I am a first generation Cuban-American, raised by a single mom, trained as a lawyer and accountant...And I am at a loss to understand the purpose of excluding Hispanics from the definition of racial minorities and the goal of diversity more broadly."

Gov. Bevin's office has argued that Hispanics are ethnic minorities, not racial minorities. The United State Census treats race and ethnicity separately, and only recognizes five races: White; Black or African-American; American Indian or Alaska Native; Asian; and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Hispanic or Latino heritage is addressed in the section on ethnicity.

"While racial minority representation is required, there is no similar requirement as to ethnic minorities, such as Hispanics," a spokeswoman for the governor said. "Governor Bevin will be appointing the best qualified women and men to all of the university boards while at the same time honoring the requirements of our laws."

Diaz, the former CEO of Kindred Healthcare, was twice named one of the "Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare" by Modern Healthcare magazine, according to his biography on the University of Louisville's website.

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