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February 10, 2016 -- Let's ignore the coarse reality that the average IQ of black Americans is about 85 and the average IQ of sub-Saharan nations lags in the 70s; some lower. The average IQ of white Americans is about 100. 

The intelligence disparity is reflected in household incomes. East Asians tend to earn more per household that whites who earn more than Hispanics who earn more than blacks. 

Intelligence disparity is reflected as income disparity in free market economies (Kenn's Law #74). 

More specifically, the intelligence disparity is seen in the fact that only 4 percent of physicians in the United States are black; a demographic that comprises about 13 percent of the population as a whole.
Marxism prefers to dishonestly attribute the disparity to social causes such as (drum roll) white privilege and white racism. 

Let's ignore the fact that East Asians are also disproportionately represented in the medical field: They are OVER represented. 

Nonetheless, a group of Harvard med students have adopted the SJW (social justice warrior) mantel and are demanding that the number of intelligent black med students be padded by adding hoodrats to bring the number to match the parity of 13 percent. That, of course, is a paraphrase of their perspective.  

Students in white coats marched through Harvard Yard last week to call attention to a lack of diversity at Harvard Medical School, as the Black Lives Matter movement rolls into the next storied Harvard institution.

Three dozen Harvard medical and dental students in a newly formed Racial Justice Coalition delivered a petition to the office of President Drew Gilpin Faust, who is leading a search to replace the outgoing medical school dean, Dr. Jeffrey Flier. The petition, signed by over 300 students, calls on Faust to choose a dean who will address the lack of diversity among staff and students, and who has shown commitment to racial equality in health care.

The action took place as nationwide protests about racial inequality ripple through university campuses and medical schools. Late last year, as race-related protests rocked Yale and the University of Missouri, students at Harvard Law School confronted their dean about the treatment of minorities. And Harvard has agreed to retitle the “masters” of its undergraduate residential houses, as well as its medical school societies, because of the connotation of slavery.

Harvard Med’s Racial Justice Coalition was inspired by a national student group called White Coats for Black Lives, part of the Black Lives Matter movement that erupted from national outrage over police brutality. The White Coats group coalesced in December 2014, coordinating a 2,000-person “die-in” at over 70 medical schools that was aimed at framing “police violence as a public health issue, and institutionalized racism as a problem in medicine,” said organizer Dorothy Charles, a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania.

So far, students from White Coats for Black Lives have claimed some small victories: They have spurred the University of California, San Francisco, to expand bias training for incoming students, for instance, and helped shape an anti-racism initiative at Mount Sinai’s medical school. Last December, students at over 20 medical schools, including Harvard Med, pressed their schools to commit to admitting more minorities and ensuring people of color who live near teaching hospitals aren’t turned away because they can’t afford the care.

Harvard Med has come a long way since it admitted its first three black students in 1850. While many students at the time supported the move, a vocal minority threatened to quit if they had to share lecture halls with blacks. The dean, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, kicked the black students out, saying the “experiment” had proved to the faculty “that the intermixing of the white and black races in their lecture rooms, is distasteful to a large portion of the class and injurious to the interests of the school.” Harvard Med did not graduate a black doctor until 1869.

I don't know about you, but next time I'm hospitalized for brain surgery, I prefer to under a knife held by a skilled surgeon, not an affirmative action hire. 

To the protesters I would ask the same: When you are admitted to surgery, will you prefer the blackest surgeon? Or the most qualified? 

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  1. it would simply mean you are way smarter than your doctor.