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February 29, 2016 -- Obama is pressing to open our borders to more hate group members from abroad. 

Specifically, the White House wants an increase in Islamic insurgents from Syria to settle in the United States. 

Islam is the world's oldest, deadliest, and largest hate group, having committed 27, 903 terror attacks since 9-11/2003. 

According to, the world's largest hate group has committed the following atrocities in recent days:

2016.02.29 (Iraq) A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a funeral, sending twenty-seven mourners straight to the afterlife.
2016.02.28 (Afghanistan) A tribal elder is tortured to death by religious extremists.

2016.02.28 (Iraq) Seventy-eight people at a packed market in a Shiite area are exterminated by two Sunni suicide bombers.

2016.02.28 (Somalia) At least twenty-one civilians and first responders are slaughtered by a twin suicide attack near a restaurant.

2016.02.27 (Afghanistan) A dozen people lose their lives to a suicide blast along a city street, including three brothers.

2016.02.26 (Somalia) Holy Warriors attack a 'Youth League' hotel with bombs and gunfire, laying out fourteen innocents.

Here is this week's radio show: 


According to

An Obama administration push is reportedly underway for a hike in the number of Syrian refugees accepted into the United States.

According to the Washington Examiner, the White House is considering a bigger role to alleviate the crisis sparked by the flood of Syrians leaving their civil war-torn country.

President Barack Obama's assistant for immigration policy, Felicia Escobar, told a task force organized by the National Association of Counties about the new tack, the Examiner reports.

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