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February 22, 2016 -- The Obama administration is bribing American cities to accept immigrants; many of whom are Muslims and nearly all potential future Democrats. 

Forty-seven cities and counties have signed up to participate, says

Forty-seven cities and counties have signed up to participate in BWCC, and the White House hopes to bribe more to do so — offering “information on funding opportunities as well as the opportunity to build capacity for future funding opportunities,” not to mention White House photo-ops for local politicians who back the program.

While encouraging immigrants to become voters is an important part of BWCC, it is the fundamental mission of the “Stand Stronger” campaign. It exists to encourage the nearly nine million “eligible immigrants to take an important step in their American journey and commit to citizenship,” according to a White House fact sheet. The same fact sheet tellingly lists BWCC as part of “Stand Stronger,” though language on the Task Force’s website suggests they are unrelated initiatives.

“Stand Stronger” follows a two-prong strategy in which the Obama administration partners with local governments and nonprofits to encourage immigrants to apply for citizenship while easing the process of obtaining citizenship at the federal level.

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  1. a negro muslim acting like a dictator doesn't send up red flags nothing ever will.