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February 6, 2016 -- Forests in Europe are contributing to global warming or, to use the prevailing politically correct term, "climate crisis."

An abstract published at Science magazine's website concludes that "two and a half centuries of forest management in Europe have not cooled the climate."

For most of the past 250 years, surprisingly it seems that Europe's managed forests have been a net source of carbon, contributing to climate warming rather than mitigating it. Naudts et al. reconstructed the history of forest management in Europe in the context of a land-atmosphere model. The release of carbon otherwise stored in litter, dead wood, and soil carbon pools in managed forests was one key factor contributing to climate warming. Second, the conversion of broadleaved forests to coniferous forests has changed the albedo and evapotranspiration of those forests, also leading to warming. Thus, climate change mitigation policies in Europe and elsewhere may need to consider changes in forest management.


Afforestation and forest management are considered to be key instruments in mitigating climate change. Here we show that since 1750, in spite of considerable afforestation, wood extraction has led to Europe’s forests accumulating a carbon debt of 3.1 petagrams of carbon. We found that afforestation is responsible for an increase of 0.12 watts per square meter in the radiative imbalance at the top of the atmosphere, whereas an increase of 0.12 kelvin in summertime atmospheric boundary layer temperature was mainly caused by species conversion. Thus, two and a half centuries of forest management in Europe have not cooled the climate. The political imperative to mitigate climate change through afforestation and forest management therefore risks failure, unless it is recognized that not all forestry contributes to climate change mitigation. —

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  1. the civil rights movement and feminism cuased global warming. by the way the oceans put off the most carbon and its good, it makes trees and green grass! liberalism is a mental disorder.

  2. Humans and other animals exhale CO2 and Plants consume it giving off O2. Lower CO2 means less plant growth (less food), more CO2 means more plant growth (more food). Without CO2 the plants would simply die for the most part and humans and other animals would consequently starve or suffocate to death as plant life died and the O2 was depleted by not being replace with O2 by plant conversion.

    Somehow Progressives are not able to comprehend these simple biological facts.

    If and when humans get to the point of being able to control the weather, on demand, then I might consider the possibility that they might be able to manage the atmosphere otherwise hands off.