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February 22, 2016 -- Islamic slugs in Iraq continue to capture and auction women and children in slave markets. 

The slaves are mostly non-Islamic women and children captured during Islamic raids in northern Iraq. Men and older women were massacred. 

Feminism is reserving its wrath for privileged white males in Western nations. 

An estimated 3,500 Yazidi women and children are currently being held in Iraq. 

The fighting in the Middle East has been continuous since the onset of Islam 1,400 years ago. 

“They put all females in line and Isis fighters came and if they liked one they would take her for themselves,” she said. There were more than 40 women and girls in the market. Some were old and some were as young as eight or nine, Layla said. The prices depended on age and beauty, the most expensive costing $6,000. Layla was sold to an Iraqi fighter who locked her in his house and beat her. He then sold her to the Saudi fighter. She said: “We hoped the air strikes would come and hit us and kill us and maybe we would be more comfortable.”

According to Dr Nuri Osman, an official with the KRG who has been involved in the rescue of hostages, Isis is responding to efforts to free Yazidis by hiding them more carefully, moving them from place to place and assigning guards to watch them. The operations were also getting harder because of a lack of cash, he said. “Rescue operations cost us money, mainly for transportation and for safe places to keep them until we take them to Kurdistan. Usually we use smugglers and they ask for money because they are at risk among Isis. If they capture [the smugglers] they will kill them.” 

Abu Shujaa, the nickname of a smuggler working to rescue girls from Syria, said girls in Mosul and Raqqa had to register at a neighbourhood security office and if they tried to escape they would be jailed for two years. This process was in place before, but now when he tried to call the girls, Isis was monitoring the phone network to try to find out who was calling them. The girls were encouraged to call the smugglers so they would be caught, he said. He added that the Islamists had become stricter, in part because of their “shame” after the rescue of 100 girls from Raqqa, the de facto Isis capital in Syria, earlier this year. 

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  1. Not one liberal feminist group has raised their voices in complaint against what Islam (aka ISIS, Al Nusrah, Al Qaeda, etc.) is doing to women. What little of any remaining respect for their groups and causes has completely evaporated. We are down to zero respect now. They are not feminists they're Marxists and/or followers of the Pedophile Warlord Mohammad prophet of the moon rock god kind.

    1. i agree, but who cares what feminist say.