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February 7, 2016 -- Marie was the last ethnic German student to leave her school. Like the those who left before her, Marie's father could no longer tolerate the tolerance tolerated by the Munich school. 

The admixture of "refugee" children sharing classrooms with ethnic German children was supposed to be a demonstration of diversity. Instead it was a demonstration of division: The bullying of ethnic German children frustrate their efforts to learn and develop socially.

The outcome is that about ten percent of parents in Germany request their students be transferred to schools that are less tolerant of migrants bullying ethnic Germans and more tolerant of a genuine learning environment. 

The regressive left, of course, blames the white flight on white racism. 

Morris Lange from Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration notes the result: The social divide in schools is widening. Schools in "problem areas" with high proportion of immigrants are shunned. Those in well-off middle class areas are preferred whether families live there or not.

"It was a decision of head against heart," says Matthias Schubert. And yes, he still feels guilty about it. 

But he did not want to make his daughter "a kind of integration officer." 

Some blame the schools for allowing ethnic Germans to easily transfer their children to other schools. 

It's a reflection of the school integration dilemma that once perplexed the United States. It's also a harbinger of Western Europe's future: Eventually there will be nowhere for white to flee. 

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  1. "Eventually there will be nowhere for white to flee." Once this happens expect a civil war.