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February 3, 2016 -- A gang of pre-teens attacked a man in a Stockton, Calif. shopping mall parking lot last week. 

See video below.

Reports say the man was held by the black kids while a seven-year-old beat him in the face and stole his iPhone. 

Urban, village-raised, feral juveniles are allowed to run the streets without adult supervision. Many are sired by village-raised, feral juveniles who were allowed to run the streets without adult supervision who were, in turn, sired by village-raised, feral juveniles who were allowed to run the streets without adult supervision.

• Imagine the media outrage had a civilized adult shot a seven-year-old savage in self defense. 

• Meanwhile, students at Missouri State University are barracking themselves in safe-place rooms where they are protected from imaginary micro-aggressions caused by imaginary white privilege. 

Stockton Police are searching for a group of suspects much younger than usual. Officers said a man was mugged by a group of preteen males in the Weberstown Mall parking lot.

"And during this attack some of the suspects actually held our victim's arms and then he described a 7-year-old juvenile male coming up punching him in the face and stealing his iPhone," said Officer Joe Silva, a spokesperson for the Stockton Police Department.

Shoppers at Weberstown are shocked a child that young and small would be involved in robbery.

"It's scary I can't believe that. I've heard of 13 year olds but 7?! ... My granddaughter is only 6 she's only like this big, I can't imagine her punching someone, robbing someone, she wouldn't even think about that," said Lanny Brown, who was shopping at Weberstown Sunday.

"At 7 years old they should be by themselves anyway," said Frank Carrillo, another shopper.

But Stockton Police said the child had help from a group of black juveniles ranging in age from 10 to 15.

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  1. I wonder if the seven year old is a father yet himself?

    1. probably a purple drank and smoker already.