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February 10, 2016

The Left party leader in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch -- Julian Kinzel, an 18-year-old board member of the Schwerin District Association of the Left Party in Germany, claimed he was an assault victim, according to Northern German Broadcasting (NDR). 

Kinzel made his assertion on Facebook. 

Three perpetrators beat and stabbed him about 17 times, according to physicians' testimony.

Adding an insult to the injury, the far-right attackers accused their victim as being a gay communist. 

While the attackers were unidentified, the far-right was suspected due to the appearance of their clothing, according to district Chairman Peter Brill.

Representatives of the Left Party condemned the attackers, noting the far-right is "dangerous and inhumane."

NDR representatives, however, challenged Kinzel's claim, noting the stab wounds were inconsistent with the attack as described by the victim. What's more, there were no cuts on the victim's arm or coat as would be expected had he defended himself. 

Police seemed to agree, finding it strange that the victim filed belated charges on the Internet, rather than in person to police officials. What's more, the hospital that treated Kinzel didn't report the wounds to police as would be expected had personnel believed he been attacked. 

The conclusion is that Kinzel's wounds were self-inflicted. Reports say the victim has declined to make further comment.

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