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February 9, 2016 -- Here's a challenge: Attempt to engage in a rational discussion with a liberal. Note how many times the liberal evokes accusations of racism as a proxy for a lucid argument. 


Hollywood conservative Kirk Cameron is a racist, says the regressive left. The evidence is found in his decision to partner with Heirloom Audio Productions. 

The company produces audio books. 

A recently released title, With Lee In Virginia, features Cameron voicing Gen. Robert E. Lee. 

Conclusion? Cameron is obviously a racist. 

The audio book is based on an 1890 novel written by G.A. Henry. 

Liberals love to hate Henry because his body of literature predates the brainwashing of America and his novels project a rationalist's perspective, untainted by decades of sludge fostered upon the American mindset by cultural Marxism, political correctness, and globalism. 

Rational thinking people are categorically stereotyped by the regressive left as "racists." 

The hero of With Lee in Virginia, A Story of the American Civil War (1890) is Vincent Wingfield, a young Confederate volunteer who opposes slavery. You can already see why the regressive left hates the book: It fails to assimilate the Marxist false narrative that the Confederacy was patently racist and pro-slavery. 

Henry's untainted perspective presents the antebellum South as a place where some slave owners were cruel and others were benevolent. The novel also apparently depicts the harsh reality black Southerns encountered when slavery ended. Such objectivity is anathema to the regressive left. 

Conservatives prefer Henry's books (122 works are attributed to him) for the same reason liberals hate them: The cultural Marxism virus is missing, allowing the reader to encounter a perspective of history without their minds being infected and, consequently, programmed to adopt the globalist, Marxist worldview. 

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  1. leiba davidovitch bronstein aka leon trotsky made up the word.why would anybody listen, it means chase the last white man down. people that hate whites can only be labeled racist.