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February 23, 2016 -- Ali Eisa Abdalla Yahia, 29, was shot dead by police after he murdered a 71-year-old woman.

Yahia broke into the Iowa home of Norma McNeeley. 

Authorities say the victim's death was violent; apparently by stabbing. 

Apparently the victim put up a fight leading to Yahia, himself, suffering a stab wound. Police recovered DNA evidence from the wound. 

The attacker staged another attack in his apartment in hopes of deceiving police after he sought medical treatment for his wound at a hospital. He was killed by police when he resisted arrest with deadly force. 

Des Moines detectives said they had Yahia on their radar within hours of McNeeley's murder because that same night after police believe he killed the woman in her home, he called the police to come to his Douglas Avenue apartment claiming he had been the victim of a home invasion. maintains an archive of black-on-elderly-white violent crimes here ►


"We investigated that he staged a pretty well-thought out elaborate crime scene," said Parizek.

Police found a pool of blood on his floor, splattered on the wall -- all to justify a large knife wound on his left hand that required treatment at the hospital. That night detectives were suspicious not only because of Yahia's bloody hand but also because he had a long history of arrests.

"Given his criminal history, he is a longtime well-known offender both with burglaries or robberies. We can speculate he went there to commit one of those crimes," said Parizek.

Authorities told KCCI's Laura Terrell that Yahia had more than 250 run-ins with law enforcement since 2006.  Look for more on this developing story on KCCI-TV, our apps, mobile website, and on Facebook.


Police and fire medics were sent to 1413 Pioneer Road at 4:30 a.m. to check on a woman's welfare on Jan. 24. Officers found Norma McNeeley, 71, dead in the basement of the home.

Police said McNeely's death was violent and that evidence from the murder was even found across the street from the home.

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  1. I really would like to know if any thing ever came of this like any more motives or evidence thank you