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February 9, 2016 -- In September, 1919, a black man raped a white woman in Omaha, Neb. An estimated 10,000 white men responded by storming the county courthouse, set it ablaze, and seized the suspect from the county jail. 

The mob lynched suspect Will Brown then burned his body then set their sites on the black community. Federal troops were activated to restore order. 

• The previous a month a similar riot occurred in Knoxville, Tenn. where a black man murdered a white woman. The white mob attacked the county jail then punished the black community. Seven were killed and about 20 were wounded. 

• In July, 1919 a black man, Lemuel Walters, attempted to rape a white woman. That incident sparked a city-wide riot in which white men reacted by attacking the city's black neighborhood, burning several buildings. The National Guard were summoned to assist the Texas Rangers in ending the violence. 

• In January, 2014, a black male allegedly raped and murdered 32-year-old Lisa Pynn, a white woman in Savannah, Ga. He is also accused of raping three other women. Pynn was found dead inside her home near Savannah in January — just two months after the next-door neighbor suspect in her murder was released from prison, reports say.

There was no riot; not a whimper of protest from white men in Savannah. The attack merited little attention by the local media an virtually no attention by the mainstream national media. 

In 1919 there were 33 "white" riots in which white men responded to black violence with violent actions. Revisionists blame all the riots on white racism and skew historical facts to present blacks in each episode as harmless victims. 

These include:

Date         Place

May 10 Charleston, South Carolina
May 10 Sylvester, Georgia
May 29 Putnam County, Georgia
May 31 Monticello, Mississippi
June 13 New London, Connecticut
June 13 Memphis, Tennessee
June 27 Annapolis, Maryland
June 27 Macon, Mississippi
July 3 Bisbee, Arizona
July 5 Scranton, Pennsylvania
July 6 Dublin, Georgia
July 7 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
July 8 Coatesville, Pennsylvania
July 9 Tuscaloosa, Alabama
July 10 Longview, Texas
July 11 Baltimore, Maryland
July 15 Port Arthur, Texas
July 19 Washington, D.C.
July 21 Norfolk, Virginia
July 23 New Orleans, Louisiana
July 23 Darby, Pennsylvania
July 26 Hobson City, Alabama
July 27 Chicago, Illinois
July 28 Newberry, South Carolina
July 31 Bloomington, Illinois
July 31 Syracuse, New York
July 31 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 4 Hattiesburg, Mississippi
August 6 Texarkana, Texas
August 21 New York City, New York
August 30 Knoxville, Tennessee
Sept 28 Omaha, Nebraska
October 1 Elaine, Arkansas

In 2007 a white couple, Channon Gail Christian, 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., 23, were brutally tortured and murdered in Knoxville, Tenn. 

Had a similar murder occurred in 1919, the black community of Knoxville would likely have been burned to the ground. 

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  1. Good point. In slightly less than a 100 years they have totally turned things around and it's still not enough.