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February 10, 2016 -- We told you last week about the horrific attack in Nigeria. Muslims attacked a Dalori village and two refugee camps. 

The violent assault including firebombing huts that burned the occupants alive, including children. 

We now learn that three girls were strapped with bombs and forced to enter the neighboring village of Gamori. A total of 86 black Africans were killed, and many other suffered life-changing wounds. 

Meanwhile, back in the USA, Black Lives Matter and the cry-baby campus movement are worried about imagined micro-aggressions and white privilege. 

From were read:

The shooting by heavily armed jihadists, and the firebombing of huts and children, had taken a toll before the military intervened effectively. By then, people had fled to the neighboring village of Gamori. And there, three female suicide bombers blew up among them. Altogether, between shooting, burning, and the blasts, at least 86 people were killed. 
“The sound of the bombs was so loud and their impact was so heavy that it affected people about 400 meters away,” Yusuf Mohammed, a member of the government-backed Civilian JTF vigilante group, told The Daily Beast. “These weren’t just simple bombs.”

No, very probably they were not. Boko Haram’s recent deadly attacks have employed the explosives from French-made cluster bombs the group appears to have seized from government arsenals.

More precisely, they use the “bomblets” that air-dropped cluster bombs disperse on tiny parachutes, a type of munition used to kill people in a wide area and, in this era of much-talked-about “smart bombs,” one of the dumbest and most indiscriminate anti-personnel weapons available.

A Nigerian security official told The Daily Beast privately that the jihadists have adapted these French-made munitions for the suicide bombs used in recent attacks, especially in far north Cameroon.

They have enormous explosive power, but weigh less than a newborn baby, so they are easy for young girls to carry.

The Nigerian army had previously confirmed that the explosives used by two female suicide bombers in northern Cameroon on Oct. 11 were made in France.

In the attack in the northern Kangeleri Mora District, at least nine people were killed and about 29 other injured when two women detonated their explosives.

Based on photos published by the Nigerian military, the explosives’ serial number can be linked back to France, and the major defense contractor Matra.

In the early 1980s, Matra helped equip the Nigerian military with Belouga cluster bombs suitable for deployment on French Alpha Jets, used for close air support and ground attacks.

Each Belouga bomb weighs 285 kilos and contains 151 bomblets, or, as the French call them, grenades. Each of those GR-66-EG submunitions weighs only 1.3 kilos, or 2.87 pounds.

When detonated, the some grenades scatter fragments able to pierce four millimeters of steel at a distance of 10 meters, and can kill within a radius of 50 meters. Others are able to penetrate tank armor.

Last October, the Nigerian military said engineers had recently found cluster bomb caches in northeastern Adamawa state.

“These bombs are used against large areas containing many targets, such as columns of vehicles, market places, places of worship or large troop concentrations, as the case may be,” Col. Rabe Abubakar, acting director for Defence Information, said in statement. “Some cluster bombs carry several hundred very small explosives wrapped in a metal container like a pot, while others carry larger sub-munitions that can find specific targets such as tanks.”

According to RFI, the Paris-based French news radio, Boko Haram probably recovered the Belouga bombs in ammunition depots at Nigerian air bases in the north.

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