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February 29, 2016 -- Islamic insurgents amassed in Greece broke through the border into Macedonia. 

The insurgents used a battering ram to destroy a barbed wire fence separating the two nations. 

The mainstream media continues to pretend the insurgents are refugees. 


Macedonian police have fired tear gas at a crowd of migrants who destroyed a barbed-wire fence on the Greek border using a makeshift battering ram.

TV footage showed migrants pushing against the fence at Idomeni in Greece, ripping away barbed wire.

A section of fence was smashed open with a metal signpost. It is unclear if any migrants crossed the border.

About 7,000 people are stuck on the Greek side of the border, as Macedonia is letting very few in.

Many have been camping in squalid conditions for a week or more, with little food or medical help. Most of those trying to reach northern Europe are Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

The chaos on Monday erupted as hundreds of people pushed their way past Greek police, shouting "Open the border!", to reach the gate used to let trains through at the border crossing. Some threw stones at Macedonian riot police.

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