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February 2, 2016 -- I've said all along that Donald Trump's presidential candidacy is precarious and suspicious. I wondered from the onset if Trump is running a presidential campaign or a public relations campaign. 

Time will tell. 

Nonetheless, his 'no show' status at last week's Fox News debate seemed to be more than a publicity stunt. He may have intentionally thrown the Iowa caucus to Cruz. 

I hope I'm wrong.

I hope Trump is sincere in his determination to seal our nation's borders, both on the ground and sea as well as in the air where the government is importing hundreds of thousands of Islamic insurgents. 

I hope Trump in genuine when he promises to ban all Muslims from entering the country. 

I hope Trump takes a genuine sincerity to the White House and fulfills his promises. 

I remain skeptical. 

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  1. Just remember, Trump was the only one who took a stand on the Muslim invasion of Europe, which almost got him and only him almost banned from England. He is also the only candidate to risk his own money, and has not been bought and paid for like Rubio and Cruz. Give him your support.

  2. Yes, Kenn, but you were also one who thought Trump would bail out at the first sign that he had a chance of winning, ala Perot, and he hasn't done that, and he shows no intention of doing so. The debate boycott was intended to show that he could be a bargainer, and it didn't seem to affect his Iowa poll numbers one way or the other. We'll see how he does in SC and NH.

  3. all the others are owned by GoldmanSachs and didn't microsoft tally the vote, isn't everything rigged now