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February 23, 2016 -- Would you send your child to a school that charges $46,280.85 annual tuition? 

What if that school taught boys to wear princess dresses?

The Heathfield headmistresses thinks children should be raised 'gender neutral' (formerly known as 'unisex').

Gender poses a problem for Marxism. Marxists have taken the sacred principle of equality and perverted it to accommodate the absurd notion of sameness. Marxism contends that economic disparity is the ultimate evil and campaigns tirelessly to purge the planet of even the most obvious of human differences, such as gender. Such differences breed disparities, they presume. 

Cultural Marxism strategy is as simple as it is idiotic: Deny the reality of physiology that obstructs the Marxism world view. 

They pretend that gender is neither identified by chromosomes or obvious body parts. Rather, Marxism imagines that gender is a matter of choice; that the only sex organ is the brain. 

They're idiots. 

The headmistress of a £33,000-a-year girls' boarding school has called for parents to bring up their children in a 'gender neutral' way so that youngsters can try out 'male' and 'female' roles.

Heathfield school's Jo Heywood believes one of the benefits of gender neutral parenting is that it would produce girls confident about entering careers such as science and engineering, traditionally regarded as a man's world.

Princess Alexandra, the actress Sienna Miller and the model Amber Le Bon, daughter of Duran Duran's Simon, are among the famous alumni of the school in Ascot, Berkshire.

Ms Heywood told Sian Griffiths of The Sunday Times: 'If a little boy wants to explore wearing a princess dress and a little girl wants to spend time in a fireman's outfit, then that is to be encouraged ... Have girlie make-up, but let boys have it too.'

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