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February 24, 2016 -- Hungary's prime minister, Viktor Orbán, is outmaneuvering the European Union by planning a national referendum on asylum seekers. 

The Islamic invasion of Europe may be Pyrrhic victory of sorts for the European Union as governments are yielding to populist pressure to re-institute border security contrary to the Schengen Agreement that effectively opened borders to signatory nations. 

German chancellor Angela Merkel supports permanent quotas to permit Islamic insurgents to perennially invade Western Europe. 

According to, a fragmented Europe could leave "Greece as the entry and end point for many migrants entering the EU from Turkey."

Belgium already reimposed border control in anticipation of France bulldosing The Jungle "refugee" colony in Calais and Britain's David Cameron is facing a plebiscite in June that may end that nation's attachment to the EU. 


Orbán said the EU could not impose immigrant quotas on Hungary against the will of the the country’s parliament, which he controls completely through a sweeping majority of his Fidesz party. It was clear the referendum question would be loaded to reflect that argument.

The question on the ballot paper will ask whether “you are in favour of the EU being allowed to make the settlement of non-Hungarians obligatory in Hungary even if the parliament does not agree”. The ballot additionally asks whether voters are for mandatory quotas or for the independence of Hungary.

Since the immigration crisis started last year, Orbán has been the EU’s leading hardliner, sealing his country’s borders with razor wire, scorning Merkel’s open-door policies and attacking Brussels at every opportunity.

He refused to take part in an earlier one-off mandatory scheme distributing 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy across the EU. Hungary and Slovakia are challenging the decision in the European court in Luxembourg. Orbán is also supported by Poland and the Czech Republic and increasingly elsewhere in Europe.

Anti-immigrant national border controls are going up everywhere from Sweden to Austria, and Greece is being partially sealed off from Europe’s free-travel Schengen zone, the survival of which is in doubt. Following Austria’s decision last week to allow in no more than eight asylumseekers daily, Slovenia is following suit and sending troops to its frontier with Croatia, while Belgium announced new border controls with France this week.

The numerous splits in Europe over immigration policy were fully evident on Wednesday when Austria unilaterally organised a meeting of interior and foreign ministers of several Balkan states in Vienna. The Austrians snubbed the Germans and did not invite the Greeks, provoking a furious reaction from Athens.

Vienna is also embroiled in a sharp-tongued row with the European commission over its border controls, dismissing Brussels’ objections as “nonsense”. The Vienna meeting was seen as the latest move to tighten the screws on Greece.

Merkel pressed last week for a special summit on 7 March with Turkey in an attempt to revive a faltering pact with Ankara that pays the Turks to stem the flow of refugees to Greece. It is not working. About 100,000 have made the Aegean crossing this year, 10 times more than in the same period last year, triggering panic and ever greater divisions among and between EU leaders.

Orbán and many others are strongly opposed to Merkel’s policies and to the Turkey pact. Instead, they want to quarantine Greece and seal the country’s northern border with Macedonia, effectively shifting Schengen’s external southern border from the Aegean to central Europe. The east Europeans, Austrians and Slovenes want to help the Macedonians close the Greek border.
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  1. When you put up that table of which Euro countries took in the most refugees per capita, I was shocked to see Hungary as no.1.
    As the way the international press depicted Hungary, was like they were cold hearted and took in none.
    Instead they were in on the front line of the invasion and thus were reacting justifiably.