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February 13, 2016 -- Don't say, "white people."

You'll be considered a racist. 

It's amazing how effectively the regressive left has manipulated our minds to a psychotic level of denial. We dare not allow ourselves to embrace reality. 

The outcome of corralled thinking has endangered the prosperity of the entire world population, and South Africa has become the laboratory where such idiocy can be visualized. 

South Africa has become the most racist and regressive nation on earth. 

Social Justice Warriors imagine the nation's democracy has created a land of equity and bounty; a testament to the Marxist ideal of absolute equality. 

The problem, however, is that 'equality' is a relative term. The most prosperous nations are those with free markets and limited government intrusion. That gives citizens an equal start in life. 

Marxism is not interested in equal starts. Rather, it's focus is on equality at the finish line. That mindset forces economies to regress to the norm which, in South Africa, is an IQ of 77. 

The stark reality is that the displacement of apartheid by Mandelan democracy has not enhanced the lives of South Africans. Rather, life is much worse. South Africa has an economy that has regressed to the norm. 

Its top-down government control mandates racial quotas so stringent as to choke the nation's economy. The value of the rand, the nation's currency, continues to plummet as the crime rate continues to rise. 

The only thing that prevents South Africa from crashing into a Zimbabwe-style disaster is its 6-million white residents.

South Africa's most valuable commodity is not its natural resources but its white population. Tragically, the Marxist mindset is to remove economic disparities between white and black citizens. That effectively mandates that white citizens be forced into abject poverty. Its akin to hitching a Hennessey Venom GT to a mule.

What's occurring in South Africa is a harbinger for the rest of the Western world. 

The bad news is: We'll all be living in grass huts, wearing lip plates, and bathing our babies in cow urine. Basic necessities will be depleted and advanced health care will be displaced with witch doctors. Violent crime will be rampant. 

The good news is: We'll all be equal. 

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  1. South Africa has an average IQ of 72. As we know, the average sub-Saharan Black IQ is 67, so the other races in the country drag it up to 72. Nigeria, for example, is nearly 100% African Black and their average IQ comes in at....... 67! Click HERE for the full list...