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February 9, 2016 -- Someone left a note on a recruiting table used by The Muslim Student Association on the Sacramento State campus. 

The note was left while the Muslims were taking a lunch break. 

The content of the "hate speech" was not revealed, but it hurt the feelings of the Muslim students and prompted an investigation. 

Islam is the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group, responsible for 27,767 terror attacks since 9-11/2001. The Ku Klux Klan has committed zero terror attacks during that same time frame. 

Among the most recent hate attacks are: 

2016.02.08 (Afghanistan) 
Six people are massacred by a  suicide bomber outside a bakery shop.

2016.02.08 (Pakistan)
A Shiite elder is shot to death in front of his son by sectarian Jihadis.

2016.02.05 (Somalia) 
A woman is among three people incinerated by a car bombing outside a pharmacy.

2016.02.03 (Afghanistan) 
A 10-year-old boy is cut down in a targeted attack by Taliban gunmen.

2016.02.03 (Israel) 
A 19-year-old woman bleeds out following a Palestinian shooting and stabbing spree.

2016.02.01 (Afghanistan) 
Twenty people are reported dead in the aftermath of a Fedayeen suicide bombing.

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Sacramento State officials are investigating hate speech writing discovered Tuesday on campus.

University President Robert Nelsen said the hate speech was written toward the Muslim community on campus.

"I was heartbroken and angered to learn that this happened on our campus," Nelsen wrote in a message to students, staff and faculty. "We are a Hornet family, and we will not stand for this kind of treatment of our family members."

The incident happened in the quad area of campus where student organizations gather to recruit and educate other students.

The Muslim Student Association was working at its table and took a break to go to class. When the students returned they found the hateful message.

"When I saw it I was just angry," said Rima Hakim, President of the Muslim Student Association. "It (the message) was a combination of Islamophobia and racist, and the person was pretty inaccurate in their vocabulary, so it was a little amusing, but it was really offensive."

Sacramento Sate is now investigating the hate speech and are going through video surveilance to see if they can catch the person in the act.

"This did happen in an area of campus that has video cameras," said Ed Mills, CSUS Vice President of Student Affairs. "That video is still being investigated to see if we can find the person who did this."

The Council of American Islamic Relations applauds Sacramento State's quick response, but say in today's political climate Muslim bashing has become the norm across the country.

"Not surprising during this political cycle," said Basim Ekkara of California Associated of Islamic Relations. "We've seen a uptick in incidents around the nation so it is not a surprise."

The MSA issued a statement saying they plan to hold educational programs to clarify misconceptions people may have about Muslims.

Hakim wishes she could speak to the person face-to-face.

"I think they took advantage of the fact we weren't there," Hakim said. "I wonder if they would say this to us personally?"
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