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February 4, 2016 -- The lead prosecutor of the famed OJ Simpson double-murder trial says he would have been convicted had he been white. 

O.J. Simpson would have been convicted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ron Goldman if he had been white, according to the lead prosecutor of the case Marcia Clark.

Clark, who became the most famous prosecutor in the country during the  1995 murder case. reveals how she believes Simpson would also have been found guilty if he hadn't been such a well-known celebrity.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online, Clark recalls her frustration at accusations that evidence was planted to frame Simpson in the case - and her despair at losing the 'trial of the century.'

She reveals how the upcoming TV dramatization of the case - entitled The People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story - will be 'incredibly painful' for her to watch.

The series is set to thrust back into the spotlight a case that gripped the world.

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson was brutally stabbed to death at her condo along with her friend Ron Goldman in the upscale Brentwood section of Los Angeles. Nicole was 35, Ron just 25 years old.

Her ex-husband, pro football hero and actor O.J. Simpson, was charged with both murders.

But after a riveting months long trial that aired on national TV- the jury reached a shocking not-guilty verdict on October 3, 1995.

From the discovery of the victims bodies laying in a pool of blood outside Nicole's Brentwood condo to the frenetic car chase as former NFL star Simpson attempted to evade arrest – and the not-guilty verdict that split opinion across the nation – the trial was unprecedented in the amount of interest it generated.

Clark, then 40 years old, found herself at the epicenter of the case as head prosecutor - with all the publicity and scrutiny that came with it.

Now a successful crime fiction author, Clark at 62 is not looking forward to seeing that chapter of her life replayed to millions as a TV drama.

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  1. the knife did it! all negroes are oppressed.

  2. Perhaps Simpson would have been convicted if he had only killed his ex-wife and Goldman was not present. He might not have gotten any sympathy from the blacks for killing her, especially after their failed attempt at reconciliation. But killing a white man was such a positive deed that the blacks gave him a pass on wife killing.

  3. OJ would have been convicted if This idiot Clarke and the even bigger Idiot Chris Darden had even one clue as to how to prosecute a Murderer. They turned the trial into a show with help from Lance Ito. I don't know how the three of them sleep at night.
    Read the Late Vincent Bugliosi's book on the subject.