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February 23, 2016 -- Soldiers of Odin is an organization of patriots, mostly men, who patrol the streets of Norway. The groups protects women from marauding mobs of Islamic insurgents. 

The group originated in Finland.

The rapid growth of the patriot group worries some authorities and has attracted criticism from globalist and traitors who stereotype patriots as racists, Nazis, and xenophobes. 

However, some police welcome the groups assistance. 


The controversial group Soldiers of Odin is not popular with the police, but the group claims that many now want to become members - and soldiers.

Soldiers of Odin could this weekend be seen on the streets of several Norwegian cities, including Stavanger, Kristiansand and Drammen.

The Police Directorate is skeptical of Soldiers of Odin, and has stressed that it is unacceptable that groups act as a form of vigilantes.

In Kristiansand, the group was eventually refused to patrol during the weekend, while members were checked for ID and weapons in Drammen.

Soldiers of Odin wear black hooded sweatshirts with a Viking on the back, and claim that their only goal is to safeguard Norwegian streets.

In Tr√łndelag the group is unwanted, says police chief, Nils Kristian Moe.

- This is undesirable. The police will maintain peace and order in Tr√łndelag and elsewhere in Norway. We have no need for this group, says Moe to Adresseavisa.

However, in Alta, the police chief is more positive to the Soldiers of Odin.

In Stavanger, the police had no objections to the group, so clearly the law must be local in the country.

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