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February 24, 2016 -- Eurocentricity is not evil. It was, after all, Western culture that introduced humanity to the electric light, airplane, automobile, computer, insect repellent, nail clippers, soda pop, and the eradication of smallpox. 

Add a zillion other innovations and corporately package them as universal life enhancements. 

That package — which includes the most advanced educational system in human history — has been mislabeled "white privilege" by the regressive left and stamped with a skull-and-bones as toxic. points us to Pacific Educational Group (PEG) that " . . . sells the notion that the American education system is unfairly based on traditional white cultural norms (white privilege in schools) to the benefit of white students and the detriment of minorities."

Truth is: Millions of students from around the world dream of enrolling in America's colleges. Sans the liberal indoctrination, Western ingenuity is unsurpassed. 

Pinheadian Marxists are determined to undermine the nation's education infrastructure and, from what we've seen, they're making headway at supersonic speed. 

Among the real corrosive elements destroying the nation's educational system is the 'white privilege' concept imposed upon students, compliments of firms like PEG. American taxpayers are dolling out millions of dollars to underwrite an effort by afore mentioned pinheads to convince non-white students that their failures are due to an unfair advantage caused by a eurocentric education model. 

The pitch fails, however, when we consider:

• East Asian students who are not white actually excel rather than fall behind. That points to a genetic cause and obscures the insanity of the white privilege myth. 

• Educational systems in nations where whites don't live are massive failures.

Were white privilege the cause of black students trailing whites academically, we would expect black academic excellence to soar in, say, Cameroon. The constant, universal, common denominator that trends globally is that East Asians academically outperform white students who out perform Hispanic students who outperform black students. Academic achievement follows the Bell curve. White privilege is nothing but a cultural Marxist invention to excuse social tinkering and tampering by the regressive left. 

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