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February 21, 2016 -- There are an estimated five million Muslims living in Germany.

Last week we learned the German government closed an Islamic center, due to speculation that Muslims there had ties to terrorist organizations. 

We suspect all five million have ties to terrorism. Reason? Islam is the world's largest, oldest, and bloodiest hate group. Anyone who is a member of the religion of peace is tied to terrorism. 

The five-million number is conservative. The 2010 estimate was 4.1 million. Add over one million Islamic invaders who entered Germany this year alone, coupled with the birth rate and the number of Muslims may exceed six million. 

In addition to closing the Islamic center in Bremen, authorities raided twelve apartments occupied by Muslims. 

The northern German city-state of Bremen has closed down the Islamic Cultural Centre on Tuesday after a raid carried down in 12 apartments of members suspected on having links with Islamic militants.

The Islamic Association Bremen had links with similar cultural organisations.  It was banned after many of its members joined the Islamic State in Syria, said Bremen Interior Minister Ulrich Maeurer.

During the raid police impounded mobile phones, computers, hard drives and other memory cards. Around 220 officers cooperated in the raid, although no one was detained after the raid. Police also looked down for evidences in a car repair shop in Delmenhorst, just outside Bremen .

“This organisation has promoted the radicalisation of people, and support and following for IS. It really does mean that people who live in our immediate neighbourhood are willing to become terrorists overnight,” Maeurer said in a report by Indian Express.

“So I must sound cynical when I ask: What security do we have when they only plan attacks in Syria? We must assume that this could also happen in Germany.”

In 2014, Bremen authorities accused the Cultural and Family Society for provoking Jihad ideologies and promoting martyrdom among members. Six of them died during a fight with IS in Syria.

Last month, around 400 people were taken under close watch after the German police tightened its operation over the militants returning to Germany from Syria and Iraq.

German authorities have reported that there are many many cases linked with the Islamic State.

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