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February 15, 2016 -- Government schools in Germany are accommodating their Islamic invaders by purging school menus of pork. 

Muslims consider pork to be unclean. 

A report in says pork has completely disappeared from government schools in some cities.

Rolf Hoppe, Chairman of the Association Berlin Schulcaterer, noted that "The number of Muslim students has increased, and the quality of conventional pork is questionable." 

Quality was never been an excuse to ban pork products prior to the influx of Islamic invaders. 

• The accommodation of Islam in Europe, the USA, Canada and elsewhere is a component of genocide. 

While most perceive genocide as the massacre of humans, Raphael Lemkin, who coined the term in the 1940s describe it as the gradual dismantling of a culture. 

Lemkin defined genocide as follows (emphasis added):

Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation.
It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves.
The objectives of such a plan would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups.
Lemkin understood genocide to be the destruction of a culture, not necessarily the slaughter of the people. 

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