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February 2, 2016 -- The Chief of Police in Liepzig, Germany is giving Muslim street thugs a pass while condemning patriots of fostering a "pogrom atmosphere."

Bernd Merbitz noted that five facilities where Islamic insurgents are housed have been attacked. Many refugee centers have become nothing more than lairs of lunatics that accommodate young adult males with the emotional maturity of 12-year old-boys and an aggregate IQ of 85, but the physiques and hormone levels of adult males. 

Merbitz didn't seem concerned that hundreds of German women had been sexually assaulted in recent days of Muslims running amok. Nor did he acknowledge that, had the so-called "refugees" stayed out of Germany, there would be no problem. 

An estimated one-million Islamic insurgents have entered Germany within the past year, ostensibly as refugees. The Muslm colonists could have fled to other Muslim nations where their rape culture would be accepted as norm. That, however, would undermine the globalist agenda to displace Western culture.

Globalists are using the pretext of refugee status to excuse the importation of millions of anti-Western Islamic invaders. Globalists condemn patriots with slurs such as xenophobes, racists, Nazis, and Islamophobes. 

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  1. if he canrt deal with this muslim insurgency defund his department and arm the citizens