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February 13, 2016 -- Up to 160 mosques in France were found to be little more than arsenals contained "war-grade" weapons. 

The far-left government of Fran├žois Hollande has moved to close them.

That begs the question: Rather than closing mosques, why not close the border? Rather than treating the symptom, why not treat the cause?  

There are an estimated 2,300 mosques in France, meaning about seven percent were being used as arsenals. Imagine the outrage if seven percent of churches in France — or elsewhere — were used to warehouse "war-grade" weapons. 

Imagine the outrage if there were 160 Klan halls in the United States filled with "war-grade" weapons. 

When the far-left speaks of tolerating Islam, what exactly are we tolerating?

Religion is a powerful behavior modifier. 

A 2010 study in Germany revealed that the affect of the Christian religion on young people was a decrease in violent behavior. The same study concluded that the Muslim religion had the opposite effect: an increase in violent behavior. 

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