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February 2, 2016 -- A riot erupted at a Florida high school after students were seen carrying a Confederate flag, according to social media posts.

News reports say the scuffle was minor and quickly brought under control. 

The incident occurred at West Port High School in Ocala. 

Have you ever noticed multicultural inclusion excludes traditional Southern culture?

The concerns began Thursday after three West Port students taunted classmates by waving Confederate flags during school. The taunting led to a brief physical altercation before the situation was quelled within minutes. But students then took to social media and began spreading rumors that a race riot had occurred and that there would be violence on the West Port High campus when classes resumed Monday.

Ocala police Sgt. Robie Bonner said Monday from the West Port campus that 10 officers were at the school to help put parents at ease. Most of those officers remained on campus all day, especially during class changes and at dismissal.

Bonner said many parents called Ocala police over the weekend, stating their children heard on social media, or during general conversation, that violence would occur at the school. With the aid of the Marion County Sheriff's Office, investigators interviewed dozens of students on Sunday, Bonner said.

“There were no credible threats,” said Bonner, adding social media helped to spread rumors.

Superintendent of Schools George Tomyn said early Monday that parents should send their children to school. The district had its school safety officials on the campus.

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  1. the supreme court has already ruled that ''one does not leave their right at the school house door'' way to many administrators steeped in ignorance

  2. bring back jim crow laws.