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February 8, 2016 -- While many focus on the Islamic insurgency in the United States and the influx of illegal aliens through our border with Mexico, few are noting the culture of corruption that Third-worlders bring with them.

A case in point is Crystal City, Tex. where all the town's top officials were arrested with only one exception. 

Five top officials in the Texas city were arrested Thursday under a federal indictment accusing them of taking tens of thousands of dollars in bribes and helping the operator of an illegal gambling operation who went by the nickname “Mr. T.”
Among those arrested were Mayor Ricardo Lopez, Mayor Pro Tempore Rogelio Mata, council member Roel Mata and former council member Gilbert Urrabazo. 

City attorney William Jonas earlier surrendered to police in December.He was charged with assault after "allegedly manhandling an elderly woman who was trying to enter a city council meeting, according to the Express-News. He has pleaded not guilty," according to

The officials will remain in office until voters decide otherwise. 94.97% of the town's population of 7,190 is Hispanic or Latino. 

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