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February 22, 2016 -- Noted financial adviser Bernd Raffelhüschen says the influx of Islamic insurgents into Germany cost taxpayers €900-billion, the equivalent of about $993-billion.

That over one-fourth of Germany's gross domestic product (GDP). 

Raffelhüschen refers to the expense as a "negative dividend." He presumes two-million "refugees" will be granted asylum in Germany by 2018. 

He says the economic gap will continue to grow if the influx of "refugees" remains unchecked. 

Globalists have targeted Germany due to its massive economy: It is the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. It is also maintains the world's highest trade surplus due to it natural resources and the genetically inherent innovation of ethnic Germans. 

The nation's GDP is about 3868.29 billion US dollars ($3.8-trillion). 

Global Marxism seeks to reduce and ultimately remove the economic disparities between Western and Third-world nations. To accomplish this global Marxism seeks to redistribute wealth by redistributing people. Hence, the massive migration of asylum seekers from impoverished countries. 

The average IQ in Germany is 99 while the average IQ in Muslim nations is about 85. As global Marxism dumbs down the German population it will also slow its economy reducing the wealth disparity between Germany and third-world countries. 

Global Marxism has no interest in preserving German culture or ethnicity. Nor is it concerned with the increase in crime in Western Europe; explaining why "feminists" are silent on the epidemic of gang rapes. 

Furthermore global Marxism is wholly unconcerned with the cost burdened by taxpayers in Germany of other Western nations. 

There is no expectation of non-Western countries to absorb "refugees." That would be pointless considering the end objective is the dampen Western economies.  

Rather, global Marxism presents Islamic insurgents as desperate and destitute refugees fleeing oppression and seeking asylum. Asylum is the most efficient means of nations absorbing large numbers of Third-worlders without the red tape of obtaining citizenship. 

The far left has successfully stifled opposition from ethnic Europeans by convincing them that opposition to Islamic insurgency is immoral. Detractors are demonized as racists, xenophobes, and Nazis while supporters of their own demise are praised as anti-racist and tolerant. 

What global Marxism is doing to Germany it is doing to most of the Western world including the United States and Canada. 

As the insurgence of Hispanics into the USA began to wane, global Marxism began importing hundreds of thousands of Third-worlders into our nation; most of them Muslims with lower-than-average intellects. The objective remains the same: To decrease the wealth disparity between Western nations and Third-world countries by redistributing IQs. 

The refugee crisis is as bogus as the global warming crisis. Both are concoctions of Marxist ideologues to excuse bypassing national sovereignty. 

Radial globalists such as Germany's Angela Merkel and Barak Obama should be regarded as traitors and removed from office. 

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