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February 14, 2016 -- Detroit police released a security video that captured the moment three urban savages sucker punched an elderly black gentleman. 

If they don't care about their own, they won't care about your own. 

Here's a report from

Detroit police have released surveillance video hoping you can identify three men involved in an assault last week.

According t police, the assault happened around 6 p.m. on Feb. 6. Police say three men approached a 64-year-old man and demanded money, hit the man in the face and then left.

One of the suspects hit the man another time before the left the store and fled in a silver 4-door vehicle.

Police say the first suspect is described as a black male, 5-feet-6-inches tall, weighing 150 pounds with medium complexion, black short hair and wearing a gray hoodie, black pants and gray shoes.

The second suspect is described as a black male 25-30 years old with black braided hair, glasses, blue hoodie and dark jeans and shoes.

Police say the third suspect is a black male about 20-30 years old, 5-feet-11-inches tall weighing about 195 pounds. He was wearing a dark hat, gray sweatshirt and dark pants.

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