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February 15, 2016

Morgans Camre -- De facto sharia law is in place in Denmark. 

According to the website, Flemming Nielsen was fined 1,600 kroner (about $240) for violating Penal Code § 266 b paragraph 1, also called racism clause by the Court of Elsinore.

The punishment stemmed from a Facebook post in 2013. 

The site quotes Nielsen (translation):

"I have not violated the article I was accused of. I did not mention the religion of Islam or Muslims with a word. It referred to the Islamists and the ideology of Islam," said Flemming Nielsen, immediately after the verdict to

 The fine is too low to be appealed, the site says.

In a similar case Mogens Camre was convicted of racism for comparing Muslims to Nazis in a 2014 Twitter post. 

Camre is a former member of parliament. 

According to the high court concluded that Camre's statements 'are by their nature capable of fostering intolerance and mistrust, like the statements as a whole is likely to incite so-called hate crimes against Muslims, says among other things.'

Camre had written: 'About the situation of the Jews in Europe: Muslims continue where Hitler ended. Only the treatment, Hitler got to change the situation' (translation).

The person behind the police report was  identified as Samit Badran who claimed Camre's statements coupling Adolf Hitler's genocide of Jews and Muslims made him feel unsafe. 

Camre is 80 years old. 

• Prior to its aggressive effort to displace Western culture, the far-left imposed stringent laws that forbid so-called "hate speech" throughout Western Europe. The laws were a preemptive effort to silence opposition to the displacement of Western culture. 

Western people have surrendered their inherent right to free speech under the guise of altruism. Similar sentiment is evident in the United States. 

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. morgans looks insane and probably is. these are you're elite leaders worldwide.

  2. If only 1000 Danes were marching to the court with signs retelling the words of these heroes. Can the traitors jail 1000 Danes for that, 10'000? No, united we will win.