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February 4, 2016 -- Angela Merkel's government is spending over $50-billion dollars to underwrite the invasion of Germany by Islamic insurgents. 

Aside the from influx of violent crime — including gang assaults targeting German women — the cost of the invasion is turning the tide of public opinion against the Merkel government. 

Mrs Merkel has seen her popularity ratings plummet since she declared any refugees who made it to her country.

She has refused to set a cap on refugee numbers and has tried to ease voters’ concerns by insisting that most asylum seekers would leave when their homelands stabilised.

In a speech delivered over the weekend she said: “We expect that once peace has returned to Syria, once Islamic State has been defeated in Iraq, that they will return to their countries of origin, armed with the knowledge they acquired with us.”

Mrs Merkel has announced a raft of tough new laws to tighten rules for asylum seekers in Germany in a bid to reduce the influx of refugees. 

If they get parliamentary support, the measures will speed up the asylum process and streamline the country’s deportation system for those who have their claims turned down.

Three north African states – Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria – will be put on the list of safe countries meaning their citizens will not be accepted as refugees. 

The new bill would also see refugees who have been given “temporary” leave to remain barred from bringing their families to Germany for two years.

The Chancellor’s proposals are part of her bid to win back public support after a recent poll showed that 40 percent of Germans want her leader to resign over her handling of the refugee situation. —

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