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February 6, 2016 -- Sky News is reporting 22 complaints of sexual assault during the first day of Cologne, Germany's annual street festival. 

Authorities were careful to note that the 190 persons taken in custody were "a cross section of the general public;" an apparent aversion tactic to hide attacks by 'North African and Arab men.'

Last year, there were 10 such criminal complaints on the first day of the festival. A police spokeswoman has put the rise down to greater awareness following the public uproar over sexual assaults in the city on 31 December. —

Blaming the increase of sexual assaults on the increase of Islamic invaders posing as asylum seekers would, of course, not be proper. 

ANSA, however, reported:

A 22-year-old woman was raped during the Cologne Carnival, Bild online reported Friday, adding that a 17-year-ol Afghan refugee was being held in the case. According to the report, the refugee beat the woman senseless and then allegedly raped her. — reported 22 sexual assaults at the carnival and published a photo of a white man being taken into custody. 

Anti-Western militants are anxious to obscure the reality that Muslim males with IQ averaging about 85 are responsible for the increase in sexual assaults across Europe. 

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  1. Islam is not a race (it is an ideology) and just because the arrest picture depicts a white man does not mean he is not a Muslim. The Government complaint media is not free from manipulation.