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February 28, 2016 -- Think of vacationing in South Africa? 

Think again. 

See video below.

A police officer refused to help two men because they are white. One of the victims video recorded the encounter. 

The black officer ignored the men, whistled while they begged for his assistance, and even hummed along with background music. 

Eventually the cop spoke up, saying he didn't mind how much they took his photo. He added that "Afrikaans is dom" (Afrikaans is stupid).

The officer seemed to be wholly unaware that the comfort of his surroundings are the direct result of Western innovation; from the lights that illuminate his office to the radio plalying in the background. 

Feb 28, 2016 11:18 PM

South Africa is governed by a "democratic" one-party system. As in the United States where about 95 percent of blacks support the Democratic Party, virtually all black South Africans support the dominating African National Congress (ANC). It's a shade more democratic than North Korea. 

The plight of white South Africans, who made the nation the most prosperous on the continent, is a harbinger of the future of all Western nations. 

As South Africa regresses to the norm (average IQ: 77), they blame white people and the Apartheid government that ended in 1994. Likewise, the regressive left in the United States continues to blame slavery for the failures of black Americans, ignoring the fact that blacks in America have enjoyed the highest standard of living than any black nation on earth throughout history.

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