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February 9, 2016 -- Edwardian Dion Davidson is accused of murdering 89-year-old Frank Bogucki in Sterling Heights, Mich. 

Police say the suspect attempted to use a credit card belonging to the victim's wife, Rose Marie Bogucki, 84, shortly after the elderly couple were attacked at their condominium.

The crime occurred in 2015.

At a court hearing in December to determine whether Davidson should stand trial, Rose Bogucki testified her husband exited the passenger side of their vehicle. She said she got out of the driver’s seat a few seconds later. With her back turned toward her husband, she said she heard a thud and then a sound “like something hitting the pavement.”

She pointed at Davidson in court in December as the person who stole her purse from her by pushing her away as she tried to hold on. The Sterling Heights woman said she went to her husband, who was unconscious. He died eight days later.

Davidson faces charges of felony murder, home invasion, unarmed robbery and fraudulent use of a financial transaction device.

Detectives in two nearby cities also probed whether Davidson -– described by Warren police as a “career criminal” -- was responsible for a rash of violent purse snatchings from other senior citizens.

Police allege the prison parolee took a 72-year-old woman’s purse Oct. 26, 2015 while she was in her driveway on Engleman Road in Warren. Law enforcers also say he did the same thing two days later to a 75-year-old woman on Christi Drive and assaulted her 55-year-old daughter. Davidson also is accused of taking an 80-year-old woman’s purse from her while she was in the garage attached to her home on Santa Anna Drive, on Oct. 29.

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